Ethics Statement

As members of the Southeastern PLA, we strive collectively and individually to enable, adopt, and practice the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in the mental health field.

Our core values are non-malfeasance, beneficence, honesty, competence and transparency. We believe that our decisions, conduct, and behavior should reflect our core values and serve as a model for all mental health facility representatives. We acknowledge that those who suffer from addiction and other mental health issues, along with their families, are often fragile, confused and desperate especially in times of crisis. We will not deceive, manipulate, or otherwise abuse the trust of those seeking treatment and will always strive to work in their best interest. We recognize that treatment is an individualized process focused on the individual client. We believe the client has the right to know the benefits and limitations of all treatment options so that they can make an informed decision. We will accept and treat clients only when it’s within our individual scope of competency and in their best interest.

Upon identifying the client’s need for a treatment methodology outside our scope of expertise, we will make a good faith effort to identify, and refer the client to appropriate resources for treatment. We agree to educate ourselves on other member’s facilities and programs so that we can better assist our clients and those that contact us for help. We will share ideas and resources. Through education and collaboration, we will support each other in best practices and professionalism. We agree that we will work together to change and save lives. Finally, we believe that the Southeastern PLA meetings should be safe, educational and supportive.

Southeastern PLA Ethics Pledge

As a member of the Southeastern PLA, I agree:

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